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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a recent development in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. With BIM technology, an accurate virtual model of a building and building systems is digitally constructed. We have been designing projects using BIM with REVIT software since 2011 and now have a fiber optic line for fast & reliable uploads & downloads of BIM files.

BIM is touted as a means of significantly reducing coordination issues during construction. Our office has been carefully coordinating our work long before the advent of BIM. Coordination of the various disciplines involved in the design of a building using BIM is no substitute for careful, thoughtful coordination and input by all members of a design team. Since the inception of this firm we have embraced relevant new technologies and tools used in the field of engineering design. Our core principle has remained unchanged – to produce a complete, thorough, accurate, easily read and easily priced set of construction documents.